Sunday, December 2, 2012

Such a Cute Gift Idea!

1/4 cup oil ( I used coconut because it's good for you)
3 TBLS Lemon or Lime juice
1 1/4 cup Sugar

1. Take a shower or bath (bath works better)
2. scrub on the sugar
3. shave
4. rinse
5. Scrub on sugar again
6. rub it in really good
7. rinse
8. Feel the silky-ness of your gorgeous legs! 

Works great on arms and such too :) 

I totally made this all by myself. AND it works fantastically. Especially right now with all of the ugly cold, bitter winter wind and such going on in my neck of the woods. I feel smooth, silky, and wonderful!

And who knows? Maybe after you've done this, you'll look so good and you'll go walking and something like this will happen:

Then again, maybe not :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Cute and Warm and I made it!!

Isn't it cute???? 

Sometimes I just amaze myself with what I can do when I really try.

This is a scarf that I made over this weekend. It's purple and multicolored and is a bunch of granny squares put together into what I think is the cutest scarf ever. And the tag??? Oh the tag. I love it. I got the idea on pinterest. (which is becoming a very healthy addiction I might add). 

This is what it looks like laid out.

And up close. 

What do you think? do you like it? Do you want one? I want one :) . I can't wait to hear how my darling dear far away across the country friend likes it!! 

Enjoy the Sunshine!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hello friends!

So. Officially I have moved my "main" blog writing. (see post HERE.)

But I have decided to keep this one open for myself, my crafting and everything else that doesn't exactly fall under the category of "life with me and my hubba". :)

Guess what I"ve done recently!! Can you guess? Can you????

It's this. I crocheted this!! I desperately needed some kind of fall decoration item and I discovered this super cute pattern at Repeat Crafter Me.


I made this. (NOTE: this isn't my picture. My picture didn't turn out this good. But they look exactly the same . Almost)

Isn't it darling?? I just love it so much! So I made a set for my dear friend who is due on Dec 4! Perfect for welcome new baby pictures and things!! What do you think? Do you like it? 

The weather has changed, we got 10 inches of snow yesterday and it's officially indoor crafting weather! Let's see what comes of it! 

Enjoy the Sunshine!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Dearest Friends,

I have moved! Blogs that is. Our new address is See you there! :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Year of the CHANGE

It's not January. And it's definitely not January 1st. But. I have been thinking a lot about change and my plans for the year. Quite a bit has already changed already! I've started massage school, I've put my Etsy business on hold for the season so I can graduate. It's hard, life is moving fast. My hubby and I both are graduating this year. We're not quite sure what we'll do after that. We won't have any homework in the evenings anymore!! And with all of this excitement.... I decided I needed to add a little bit more change into my life. Namely- or should I say- a shapely change.


I looked at my daily activities and realized that I wasted quite a bit of time between the end of school and the time that I go to pick up hubby. I mean, a nap is always nice, and homework is always good to do... but generally I have about an hour and a half where I don't do much. And I really, really have been wanting to fit into a size 6 jean...


I have now set up my workout 90 day challenge, following the outline that blogilates on youtube sets up. While I won't be doing her workouts every day, I do now have a schedule and an outline and guidelines to follow! Woot!

But most importantly, the change that I want to implement the most is the just to be the very best person I can be. To think before I act or speak, to be more patient, to be more kind, and to make sure that I know that I'm doing the best I can. And that I will honestly be able to say that I was honest in all of my daily doings and tried to love everyone equally.

Great book to help keep me balanced and give some good guidelines and practices to learn all of this?

Check it out. I love it.

Enjoy the Sunshine!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Life With A White Picket Fence.

Once upon a time I had this dream that when I grew up I'd live in a house with a white picket fence.

You could say that it was a "rose-colored-glasses" type of view.

While living in my house behind my white picket fence, I was going to conquer the world. Make a change, be that kind of woman, wife, mother, neighbor that everyone loves and no one can quite figure out how in the world she does it all. On top of which I would be the great supporter to my husband and all of my kids and their friends would love to come and hang out at our house and with me and daddy.


Well, you know, life happens and turns into so many different pictures. As of now, we don't own a home, we rent an adorable basement apartment. It doesn't have a white (or any other color) picket fence, but it does have a wrought-iron black fence/guardrail that is next to our stairs.

I haven't conquered the world. Yet.

I have however, overcome obstacles, laughed in the face of danger (name that movie!), explored different avenues of education, moved across the country and back, started a small business, learned to design websites, learned (and am continuing to learn) about different aspects of programming- thanks to my illustrious husband!! I'm married! I'm learning to balance school, work, and being married and also cook dinner. We don't have kids yet, but they probably won't always love to hang out at our house and one day I'm going to be told that I'm "so old-fashioned".... Just like I told my parents when I was that age.

Sometimes I burn dinner.

Other times I almost set fire to our microwave or stove. Every once in a while I get grumpy and lose my temper because I'm tired, stressed, frustrated or very confused about something. Other moments have found me laughing and just sitting in adoration of my husband, my life, the goodness around me and the funny moments that always seem to pop up. Sometimes I slip on ice and end up getting all wet. Most days, I need (or just really want) a nap.

But then I realize all of my blessings that come and pour upon my head and my family every day, every moment. Especially all the little ones that I take for granted. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and my family, I know that He is always watching out for us and that He's guiding our lives the way they need to go.

I may not have a picture perfect house with a white picket fence. But you know what?

                                                                        I have a beautiful life.

Enjoy the Sunshine!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Past And Present Now Collide!

Welcome to 2012 my friends!!
I hope you're are all resolved and that those resolutions are going well (at least for this week- one day at a time, just take it one day at a time.) That's what I keep telling myself anyways!

I originally was intending to write about all of my resolutions and the new goals of this year along with a great pep-talk to all of you about how I have faith in your resolutions and abilities! But then I was driving.

And I saw this:

Yes my friends, Herbie lives!!

(Sorry about the poor picture quality. This is taken with me turned around in the drivers seat at a stop light to take this as he was just pulling forward... with my old-school phone...)


I was just so excited about the fact that I saw my favorite little bug driving around that I had to share it with you all. Especially since hardly anyone remembers him nowadays.

Just a little piece of joy in an uber busy lifestyle. See what little things bring you joy this week!!

Enjoy the Sunshine!